Moon Pants


Thanks to a PD day at E’s school, we were able to spend many hours at the playground today.  It was our first marathon park day since school started, and I savoured every minute.  I have found the lack of spontaneity in school life to be one of the most difficult things to adapt to.  A couple of days ago when we had sun and perfectly blue skies, it was all I could do to stop myself from nabbing her from school and going for a hike!  I just couldn’t help but think that she would be better off running around in the forest than being in school, and to be honest, I’m plagued with doubt about the whole school decision at the moment.  It’s one of those “everyone else is doing it” situations, so why am I finding this so difficult?

On to a less angst-y subject – a new pair of pants for the little girl.  The pattern is Made by Rae’s Moon Pants, which is a super-sweet, simple pattern, with some really awesome pockets.  To be honest, I felt a bit silly buying the pattern, since I could have easily altered the Parsley Pants pattern and drafted a moon-shaped pocket piece.  But given all the work that goes into pattern development, I believe that Rae deserves the sales – and she did come up with the idea for those pockets, after all;-)


I believe the fabric is a cotton-linen blend – something chambray-ish, though slightly heavier.  I found it at Fabricland a couple of years ago, and it stood out like a sore thumb as being something that was actually a nice quality (compared to the usual dross our local Fabricland is awash in).  The pockets are lined with bright pink mochi, and I topstitched the pants in pink thread to match.


They are perfect play pants which give the little girl a great range of motion – she climbed rocks, monkey bars, did cartwheels, and ran laps around the park.  In fact, that’s what I love about all of Rae’s patterns that I’ve tried – they are comfortable, wearable, simple designs that work really well for my kiddo.


I love the look of the cuffed legs, and find them to be quite practical too.  I sewed up the size 5, though I added quite a bit of extra length to the legs – the cuffs help hold up all that extra length from getting stepped on.  Together with the super-cozy “bonjour” Flashback Tee, I’d call this outfit a win.


7 thoughts on “Moon Pants

  1. Perfect fall outfit! And great play pants. My E no longer will wear pants (except occasionally leggings under a skirt) so no fun moon pockets for us. I’m hoping she outgrows this phase, although skirt and dress sewing is quite fun.

  2. Not everyone is doing it… Some of us are weirdos who homeschool their children under trees on days too nice to be inside… but on a more sewing-related note I really love your fabric choice for these pants! I think this is my favorite pair of moon pants that I’ve seen so far 🙂

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