Five months later…


I believe it was waaaay back in May that I originally posted about starting this bunny sweater.  Today, with slightly shaky hands (due to the excitement of finally finishing it), I sewed the buttons on.


Those final stitches should probably have felt slightly anticlimactic, since I actually finished the sweater for the first time about two weeks ago.  And then I discovered that E had grown rather a lot since I knitted the body, and that it was only just long enough, so I ripped out the ribbing and added some extra length to the body and sleeves.  It would be heartbreaking if this one didn’t last for a while, because I love it and hope that it will keep my girl warm for many months to come.


The pattern is Ann Kingstone’s Sweet William.  The yarn is lovely fingering-weight Rowan Fine Tweed in the Hawes and Buckden colourways, which I purchased from Art of Yarn (they were so helpful about special-ordering the colour which E had requested).  The simple grey ceramic buttons were made by a local potter.

Here’s E wearing her new sweater – the light was a bit weird, but I couldn’t wait to take some pictures:)


She’s also wearing her Moon Pants, which are proving to be the most versatile garment in her wardrobe.


I love sewing, but there is something extra-special about wrapping my little girl in wooly goodness, constructed one slow stitch at a time.  And I can’t help but smile when she tells people “my mama knit it especially for me”.


6 thoughts on “Five months later…

  1. That is just incredible. Those bunnies are adorable and the whole thing is just beautifully made. Even though it’s so slow there’s that risk of outgrowing an unfinished knitted project, at least you can just “add more of the same”.
    I think the light and your photos are beautiful, as is your girl!

    • Thanks Kathryn! The colourwork definitely tested my patience, but was worth it in the end. I’d definitely recommend knitting this pattern, but be sure to size up because it may take a while;-)

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