KCW – Days 3 & 4


My main priority this week was to finish E’s Halloween costume, which I’m happy to report is finally finished!  E tried it on when she got home from school, and spent half an hour flying around the house.  I managed to snap a few shots…


The pants are modified Moon Pants – the leg is a bit slimmer and they have a tail:)  The jacket is based on Kitschy Koo’s Reversible Zippy Hoodie, although my version is not reversible.  The aviator hat with pup ears is self-drafted.


E really wanted paws, so I made mittens and foot paws, which attach to her shoes with elastics.


E was adamant that the paw mittens shouldn’t have thumbs (dogs don’t have thumbs mama!) but has since discovered that opposable digits are actually rather useful for important tasks like holding lollipops.


I originally planned to use fabric paint to make a pup tag, but then came to my senses and had it printed up at the local copy shop.  It’s glued to a piece of silver felt and then sewed to a ribbon.


The pup pack is actually not quite finished, but it’ll do for now.  The wings are in fact retractable – they are in their fully extended position here, but can be pushed through slots into the box for situations where a bit more clearance is necessary.  Yay for chrome duct tape!


And there you have it – one enthusiastic Paw Patrol pup, ready to come to the rescue!

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