KCW – Day 5


I felt the need for an antidote to all that pink satin and fleece, so decided to turn to a new-to-me Oliver & S pattern, the Playtime dress and leggings.  I wasn’t actually excited about this pattern when I first saw it, but when O&S had a mega sale on paper patterns, I ordered it anyhow.  Turns out that I love the dress.  It’s a simple project, but has some very nice details, and the fit is comfy but not sloppy (I made a 5 width/6 length).


The dress fabric, found at Fabricland, is something between a flannel and a brushed twill.  It is soft, warm, and drapes nicely.  The leggings are a stretch velour, which wouldn’t be my first choice, but E loved how soft and slinky they are.  She keeps inviting people to pet her legs – “they are softer than a chinchilla!”.


My favourite part of sewing the dress was the topstitching templates – such a nice finished result!  I like how the pockets are topstitched as well.


The leggings are a good, basic pattern.  They sewed up quickly (although the slinky velour defied the cutting blade on my serger, which made a bit of a mess) and the fit (size 5 with 2″ of length added) is good.  And voila, a cozy new outfit!

5 thoughts on “KCW – Day 5

  1. I love your versions! I am just trying to decide if I should make up one of these for my daughter, knowing that the size 4 (I have the smaller range) is going to be barely big enough. Did you change the sleeves or have I forgot the elastic option? It’s great!

    • Thank you! I did change the sleeves a wee bit by adding elastic – it’s not too tight, basically just enough to hold the sleeves when pushed up to her elbows. I’ve accepted that we are definitely into the 5+ size range these days. I’ve tried grading up the size 4 of the Class Picnic Blouse – it was a bit wonky, but worked.

  2. Ah the innocence of childhood. You can’t get away with saying “pet my legs, they’re softer than a chinchilla” at any other age! 🙂
    Love your version of the dress. Isn’t it great when a pattern becomes an unexpected friend?!

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