KCW – Day 7


I managed to squeak this one in on Sunday, but just managed to get it photographed this afternoon – school certainly gets in the way of daylight photography!  I had been thinking about making a vaguely Tea-inspired crossover dress for quite a while now, and decided the last day of KCW was the perfect time to give it a go:)


I used the Flashback Tee pattern as a starting point, tracing two front pieces and angling them down to the side.  I cut the body pieces short (about 3″ below the armpit), and then added the band around the middle.  I brought in the sides a bit to make it fit more closely around the bodice.  The fabric is a Lillestoff knit that has been languishing on my fabric shelf for over a year now.


The skirt isn’t quite as a-line as I had envisioned, since I was running out of fabric.  But, it seems to be wide (and stretchy) enough that E is able to move around in it comfortably.


I decided to give the coverstitch option on my serger a try for hemming the dress.  It only took about five minutes to do the conversion, and it actually went very smoothly.  I’m happy to finally have a good solution for hemming knits!

And now I’m off to find the floor in my sewing area, throw in some laundry, and peruse the Kids’ Clothes Week project pool!

5 thoughts on “KCW – Day 7

  1. This is fabulous! Love how you adapted the Flashback pattern into a beautiful dress right off the pages of a Tea catalog! And such a great fabric choice:)

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