November knitting


I am a terrible sock knitter.  I like the idea of knitting socks, but don’t actually enjoy doing it.  And I also don’t like putting all that work and beautiful yarn into something that develops holes so quickly.  So, I recently unravelled all my half-finished socks (because I have started many, being a sucker for lovely sock yarn), and decided to use it for other projects.  In my search on Ravelry for non-sock sock yarn projects, I came across the Sockhead Hat, and decided to give it a try.


I have no idea what yarn this is – the band disappeared long ago, although if I had to make a guess I would say Fleece Artist BFL Socks… maybe?  I have been very much enjoying wearing my new slouchy hat.  The sock yarn is a lovely weight – not heavy or bulky, but dense enough to keep my noggin warm when there’s a cold breeze.  E very kindly agreed to take pictures of the hat on my head today, and I think she did pretty well – the hat actually made it into the pictures, mostly:)


Also on the needles at the moment is a “manly” scarf, which I’m working on for a Christmas present.  I’ll have more details on this one soon, but for the time being here’s a close-up of the very cool herringbone texture:


I haven’t done any sewing lately, partly because November always feels like knitting season to me, but also because I’ve recently started a job – my first time working outside the home since E was born.  I wasn’t actively looking for work, but a contract came along and I felt like I should do it to keep my foot in the door.  It’s also a good opportunity to test the waters about whether I want to continue pursuing this particular career path (archive and museum collections management).  And so, having a knitting project to work on in my now-limited free time seems easier that sewing at the moment, which requires much more overhead in terms of physical and mental space.

However, it turns out that I’ve had rather a lot of knitting time recently, since E came down with chicken pox and has been with me all week (nothing like taking a week off when you’re two weeks into a new job;-)  E has been in her glory, suffering no ill-effects from the chicken pox – she didn’t even get itchy.  We painted, coloured, danced, built snowmen, had snowball fights, went for walks in the forest, plus she got to watch movies and eat ice cream because she was “sick”.  It was a pretty sweet pox holiday, and she is lamenting the fact that her spots are clearing up and she’ll have to go back to school on Monday.  I enjoyed having so much time together again too, just like the good old days.


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