Christmas knitting


I managed to finish my Christmas knitting project in lots of time this year.  My goal for the last couple of years is to try to finish one hand-knit Christmas gift – this year my dad drew the proverbial short straw and will be the recipient of a new scarf (other family members, who shall remain nameless, may never enter this rotation, due to a talent for shrinking woolens).  Anyhow, I made it myself, so he has to like it, right?

The pattern is the Caden scarf from Quince and Co., knit with lovely Chickadee yarn in the colour Caspian.  I love the herringbone texture of the scarf, achieved by slipping stitches and then catching the floats two rows on.  The knitting was enjoyable too: the pattern is very easy to memorize, but interesting enough that it was never tedious.  The scarf folded up like an accordion while knitting it, but blocking took care of that and it now lays flat.  I’m not particularly happy with the edges of the scarf, and think I may have to invest in a set of blocking wires in future.


School is now finished and it feels like Christmas has officially started.  I still have a couple of sewing projects, but mostly feel like things are under control in the Christmas-preparation department.  The next week will be busy with concerts, potlucks, and parties, but I am going to make a concerted effort to stay calm.  Perhaps E and I will do some crafts (she’s been asking to do some felting and candle-making), and we’re hoping to do a bit of skiing.  And of course playing with the bunny.  Poor little Fuzzypeg, it’s hard being so cute…



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