A Christmas dress


E’s last Playtime Dress has been getting so much wear that I decided to make a second one as a Christmas dress.  My hope was to make something a little bit special, but not so fancy that it would be consigned to the closet, never to see the light of day again.  I’ve actually never succeeded in making a Christmas dress before – I always have good intentions, but then December gets away from me, so I’m quite pleased that I managed it this year!

The fabric is a beautiful quality, velvety-soft fine-wale Stenzo corduroy from l’Oiseau Fabrics.  The colours are rich and Christmas-y, but the flower and bird print will work beyond the holidays.  The fabric is busy and the colour is very saturated, so a simple dress pattern was needed.


I once again sewed up the O&S Playtime Dress in a size 5 with a 6 length.  I tried the mock peter-pan collar topstitching this time, but didn’t use a contrasting colour of thread, so it’s very subtle and doesn’t show up in the photos (my camera has a really hard time with reds).  Oh well, I know it’s there:)  I once again added elastic at the wrists so that the sleeves can be pushed up.  I finished it off with mother-of-pearl buttons, which I have stocked up on because they go with everything.

I was hoping to photograph E wearing this dress outside, with snow-covered tree branches as a backdrop, to send to family for Christmas.  In my mind’s eye, I can imagine what it would look like, but E completely refused.  Instead I got this: attitude.  I should send this picture to everyone instead.


That pose was followed by tree ornaments on her head:


A bit of meditation:


And some photos which she insisted on accessorizing with her unique scarf-wearing technique, while doing “gracious poses”:


Nice try mum.  Oh well, at least in my mind they were lovely photos.  I’m off to finish one last sewing project before Christmas.  I’ll sign off with one more picture of what it looks like outside today – it really is a winter wonderland out there!


9 thoughts on “A Christmas dress

  1. She is fabulous! That dress is gorgeous – I am seriously drooling over that fabric! My local store had ZERO corduroy when I went a couple days ago. Apparently it was all sold out?! ARGH. I love this dress in baby wale.

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