Sewing for Sylvia



For E’s Christmas present this year, I decided to sew some doll accessories.  Her favourite doll is named Sylvia, and she is about the size of a real baby: newborn-sized clothes fit her perfectly.  Sylvia was actually mine when I was little, purchased while my family was in Spain one year, so she has little pearl earrings like a good Spanish baby:)  I still remember holding her on my lap for the entire plane ride back to Canada.  For some reason, E took a liking to her the moment she found her in the storage room at grandma’s house several months ago, and her other two dolls are now sadly neglected.

So, before E is beyond playing with dolls entirely, I decided to sew up some baby care accessories: a diaper bag, cloth diapers, and a baby carrier.  Sylvia also received a new Christmas dress to match E’s.


The diaper bag is self-drafted – the dimensions were dictated by the amount of fabric I had, and I basically followed the procedure for making a lined pouch (like Noodlehead’s Open Wide zippered pouch, but without the zipper), squaring the bottom corners, and adding a flap and pocket.  It has a layer of quilt batting to give it a bit more body, a canvas strap, and a button and hair-elastic loop closure.  It is very simple, but holds all of Sylvia’s essential gear.


The fabric is from Dear Stella’s Dress Me Playground collection, purchased here, with the clothing print for the exterior, and the sweet peach-coloured bunny fabric for the lining.


For the diapers, I used Riley Blake’s Dolly Diaper pattern, scaled up to fit Sylvia’s rather large rump.  They are lined with white fleece.


The final baby accessory is a doll carrier, made using the Bear Carrier pattern from Oliver & S Little Things to Sew.  It is a rather pared-down version: I dispensed with the pocket and topstitching because I was running short on time, and my curves look rather puckered, but it works just fine.  It is just big enough for Sylvia, thank goodness.  E hasn’t figured out how to put it on by herself yet (she generally gets tangled in the straps and then bleats for help), but hopefully she’ll get the hang of it.  I remember feeling equally confused about how to put E in a wrap carrier when she was a newborn.



And that’s it for Christmas sewing!  I usually have grand plans for knitting and sewing that end up causing me stress, so it was nice to go easy on myself this year.  I hope everyone has enjoyed a wonderful holiday!

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