A very pink Sailboat Top

Kids’ Clothes Week is on!  I’m doing my best to sew along, but does anyone else have a child with an uncanny ability to get sick during KCW?  I’ve been spending a lot of time cuddling with my little girl in bed, reading books, and watching Paw Patrol.  When she’s been feeling a bit more lively, we’ve coloured, done a puzzle, and played with Calico Critters (oh so many tiny pieces to lose in the blankets).


I did manage to sneak in some sewing yesterday – it helps that my “sewing room” is in my bedroom.  So, with the kidlet tucked into bed nearby, I sewed up a very pink Sailboat Top.


I had bought the paper pattern last year when Oliver & S had a super sale on, and hadn’t had a chance to try it out yet.  The fabric is a lovely-quality french terry from l’Oiseau Fabrics.  E picked this one out herself – she recently came home from school sad because “her clothes aren’t beautiful like the other girls’ clothes”, ie. not pink/purple/Elsa blue and glittery.  We had a discussion about the merits of being original, but that doesn’t seem to carry much weight in the world of kindergarten girls, so pink it is.


I sewed up the top in a size 5 with 6 length, and it came together very nicely.  I love the finish using facings for the neck and hem, so neat and satisfying.  This was by first time making buttonholes in a knit fabric, and it went fine (it probably helped that the french terry was so well behaved:)


E picked out the glittery buttons – a nice sparkly detail that she approves of.

I cut out three pairs of leggings this afternoon, and then discovered that my serger is having problems and will have to go for repair.  My KCW plans are fairly knit-heavy this season, so I’ll have to revisit my plans and come up with some other ideas that aren’t so serger-dependent.


6 thoughts on “A very pink Sailboat Top

    • Yes, I somehow thought that the social pressure to wear the “right” clothes wouldn’t kick in for a few more years! I was always the kid in slightly weird homemade clothes though, so maybe it’s just a family tradition:)

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