…and while I’m at it, a Sailboat Skirt


Well, I had the pattern out, so I figured I may as well try the Sailboat Skirt too!  It was fun to try out another new-to-me pattern, and I managed to make this entirely out of fabric from my scrap bin.  By cutting the back in two pieces, adding the kick pleat as a separate piece (as opposed to cutting the whole thing on a fold), and using contrasting facing pieces, I managed to eke this out of a tiny amount of fabric.  It was very satisfying.


The topstitching and buttons are pink of course:)  E asked to try on her new outfit, but did not want to leave my bed.  So, here are some photos taken on my very-wrinkly bed that has contained a sick kiddo for the last three days.  She’s starting to perk up a bit, which is nice to see.  The skirt is a size 6, which turned out a bit too big.  I should have stuck to a 5 width/6 length combination.  It’s a bit of a departure from the skirts she usually wears (almost all of which are Swingset skirts) but she seems to be pretty comfy wearing it.


She’s also wearing her new hat, knit using some leftover Quince and Co. Finch yarn.  I figured the fingering-weight yarn would make a nice spring hat.  We made pompoms for the first time recently, so I decided to put one on the hat.  E wasn’t sure at first, but after I said it was like having a little pet mouse on her head, she was sold on the idea.



This one cracks me up.  She delivered this message to me after I pried the ipad out of her hands and encouraged her to read or colour:




6 thoughts on “…and while I’m at it, a Sailboat Skirt

    • It is a really cute pattern – E has never worn a narrower skirt before, but she likes it. Only problem is that it rotates quite badly and the buttons never stay at the front. Still, I loved how little fabric it took – way less that the recommended yardage.

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