A bunny skirt


On Friday afternoon, as I cut out a pair of very practical play pants, an idea for a skirt with embroidered pockets came into my mind.  And so I temporarily abandoned the pants in favour of something much less practical, but definitely more fun.  I remembered seeing the skirt pattern several months ago (Purl Soho’s freebie “Gathered Skirt for All Ages“) and thinking that the large pockets would lend themselves well to embellishment.

I hadn’t planned on sewing along with the KCW theme “toys” this season, but when I was searching for bunny embroidery ideas, I realized that the little characters from one of our paper toys would be perfect.  The paper town is from a wonderful craft book “My Town: A Little World for You to Build” by Delphine Doreau.  It has a selection of shops, houses, and little animals to fold and glue together, including some blank ones to colour.  The illustrations are very sweet, and if you like paper-folding, I would highly recommend it!  E definitely needed help, but it was a fun activity to do together, and the town has been played with a lot.


And so, in the end a toy did end up being my inspiration for the pocket embroidery!  One pocket of the skirt features a little bunny girl with a balloon, and the other has hearts in various pinky shades:



I kept the embroidery very simple – it is pretty much all backstitch, with the exception of a few french knots for the flowers on the bunny’s dress.  In a completely uncharacteristic move, I used some crocheted cotton lace for trim on the pockets – I am generally not a lacy trim sort of gal, but it seemed to work on this skirt.  The pink side panels on the skirt were E’s idea, since she was not thrilled about the idea of a grey skirt.  I think it was a good compromise:)  The skirt fabric is Cloud9 Cirrus Solids in the colours ash and fuchsia – I bought mine here.  Love the feel of this fabric, and the colour selection is inspiring.


And so, another KCW comes to an end.  I’m supposed to be getting my serger back tomorrow, so now I can declare next week KCW part 2, and sew all the things I meant to make last week!



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