Springtime bunny coat


A few months ago, a bunch of fun coats made with Big Little’s Wild Things Coat pattern started popping up in blogland.  The pattern includes all sorts of animal variations, including a bunny, which always catches my attention since my girl is bunny-crazy these days.  I mentally filed the idea away for future reference.  Then, a couple of weeks later, we attended an open house at the home of some friends who had just finished renovating.  They did a lovely job of the house, but what really caught my attention were the 200+ bolts of wool suiting piled in their loft!  Turns out they had bought out a tailor’s shop in Montreal, no they didn’t have plans for all of the fabric, and yes they would be willing to sell some.  My mind started spinning with ideas for all this lovely wool, and the idea for the Wild Things bunny coat re-emerged from the depths of my brain.


For this coat, I went with a brownish herringbone, which on close inspection has flecks of many different colours.  I doubted that E would be as excited about the wool as I was, so I went pink for the lining – a sweet floral print with a vintage feel from Heather Ross’ Tiger Lily collection.


I added some lace trim to the pockets, also in an attempt to pretty the coat up a bit for E, while still maintaining a refined but vintage-y feel.


Then there was the issue of a tail, which of course every bunny needs.  The pattern suggests making a pom-pom, but I didn’t love the look for this coat, and feared it might start looking kind of ragged.  So, I decided to use a patch of lace that gives more of a suggestion of a bunny tail.


The pattern came together very nicely – all the markings matched up, and the instructions were excellent.  The coat construction is simple but has some lovely details like the button bands and the nicely-shaped hood.

Now for some pictures of the new spring coat on a beautiful spring day!  Everything is starting to blossom, and the trees are at that perfect new-leaf spring-green stage, which also happens to be my favourite colour in the world.  E happily picked currant blossoms, while hopping around in her coat.





10 thoughts on “Springtime bunny coat

  1. So cute! I love the lace tail, definitely a more creative choice than a pompom. I’ve got to go find some friends who would buy out a tailor! You are well connected. 🙂

    • Thank you! Really I never would have guessed that they would have bought all this wool – even they have no idea what they will do with it. But thank goodness they did – it’s a goldmine!

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