Handmade Fashion Revolution Week



I’m just in time to participate in Fashion Revolution Week!  There are many reasons that I sew my daughter’s clothes, and concern for the conditions facing workers in the textile industry rates high on my list.  I admit that I occasionally look at the Joe Fresh kids’ clothes (which are the only ready-made kids clothes we have available locally where I live) and marvel at how inexpensive they are – $4 for a t-shirt?  That price includes materials, labour, shipping, and profit?  That math doesn’t add up to me.

The Fashion Revolution Organization believes “that fashion can be made in a safe, clean and beautiful way. Where creativity, quality, environment and people are valued equally”.  Since starting to sew, I’ve gained some insight into the true cost of making high-quality clothing.  I’m doing my best to commit to a less-is-more policy, and limit my clothing purchases to those that are ethically (and ideally locally) produced, using materials that are produced in an ecologically sustainable manner.

I’m linking up to Petit a Petit and Family, where there have been some great Fashion Revolution Week posts over the last few days.  Thank you for this series, and for the reminder to think about where our clothes come from (and where they go when we’re done with them!)

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