Luna Pants


A couple of weeks ago, I noticed that Rae was hosting a Luna Pantsalong, and decided it would be the perfect opportunity to make myself a pair of these oh-so-comfy looking pants.  I opted for a lightweight linen-cotton chambray which I have sewn with many times before, but never anything for myself.  I measured exactly between the extra-small and small sizes, so decided to cut the extra-small, but make them slightly bigger by adjusting my seam allowances.  Phew, I’m glad that worked out, because I didn’t make a muslin – I figured the pattern was simple enough that I could just eyeball it.  The muslin-making step is what usually prevents me from sewing anything for myself, so I just went for it.


The finished pants are incredibly comfortable, and I am assured by a number of people, sufficiently un-pyjama-like that they can be safely worn out of the house.  I’m sure these will get a ton of wear this spring and summer, and I’m on the lookout for something light and drapey to make another pair.


A good way to camouflage oneself in awkward pants-modelling photographs?  Use a lollipop to bribe a cute, cheeky, flamboyant, and decidedly not camera-shy child to join you in the pictures.  I could also justify her inclusion in the photos by pointing out that she’s wearing her Moon Pants, which were the inspiration for my Luna pants (yes, I was jealous of my child’s pants and wanted a pair for myself:)




8 thoughts on “Luna Pants

  1. OH my goodness, these are so great!! And the matching Moon Pants!! Love it. I’d love to feature these (use one of your pics of the two of you?) in a roundup on my blog if it’s OK with you!

    • Thanks Rae! The Luna pants were a super fun sew – looking forward to making more. Feel free to use whichever images you’d like in your roundup.

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  3. Your looks fantastic and I am tempted to buy the pattern (so you aren’t the only one jealous of your daughter’s pants :-). I made a couple of moon pants for my daughter and she loves them too!

  4. These are so nice! You’re adorable together. Would you mind telling me what brand your daughter’s shoes are? They look to have that elusive mix of practical, colourful and feminine.

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