Fairy bread

In a flurry of spring-cleaning, I’ve recently been making an attempt to streamline my fabric and yarn collection.  Which of course involves shuffling around lots of piles, agonizing over half-finished projects, and getting sidetracked.  In all fairness, I did manage to reduce my yarn collection by about half (seriously, this is my oath that I am henceforth only going to buy yarn for specific projects).  While assessing the yarn situation, I started looking for projects that use small quantities of fingering-weight yarn and came across Kelly Brooker’s Fairy Bread, a sweet little girls’ shrug pattern.  And so, to reward myself for all that cleaning and organizing, I sat down and knit two shrugs in rapid succession.


The first shrug is knit in a pinky-purple coloured Quince Finch yarn (I believe the shade is called “sorbet”).  I could go on at length about how much I love this yarn – it behaves so beautifully and the stitch definition on the twisted rib is excellent.  This is becoming my go-to fingering-weight yarn.


The pattern is simple and seamless – it uses raglan shaping for the increases, which gives the nice eyelet detail.  I used a provisional cast-on to minimize the amount of stitches that would have to be picked up for the ribbing, but the project was sufficiently small and fun that picking up stitches (which I usually avoid) was relatively painless.  The whole thing was knit in about 200 metres of yarn.


The second shrug is knit with light blue, variegated Fleece Artist Suri Blue (a mix of Suri alpaca and Blue Face Leicester wool), which I bought so long ago that it has been discontinued.  I wanted something with a slightly fuzzy look to it.  I don’t think this one turned out as nicely – even after blocking, the stitches are uneven and the ribbing doesn’t behave nearly as nicely as the one knit with Quince yarn.  Still, it is wearable and getting lots of love because it is fluffy like a cloud:)


I wasn’t sure how E would take to the concept of a shrug, but it turns out that she loves them.  She’ll fling off a cardigan in no time, but the shrugs must be very comfortable because she doesn’t even seem to notice when she is wearing one.  She has been wearing these two so much that I’m planning a third, this time with longer three-quarter length sleeves.


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