Pullover Parka and Sunny Day Shorts


Due to some pre-KCW organization (together with outright ignoring a number of things that needed to be done), I managed to log 5 hours in my sewing room today!  It has been a loooong time since that has happened, and boy did it feel good.  I completed two more projects, start to finish, with no interruptions – and I managed to get groceries so that my family won’t starve!

My first project of the day was a hoody – pattern S (Pullover Parka) from Happy Homemade: Sew Chic Kids.  I first made this in 2014 when Meg and Cherie hosted a sewalong.  That little hoody got so much wear – it came along on every camping trip and beach visit for 2 summers, but is now sadly outgrown.  Here’s the original:

Well-loved, and worn so much that the linen is incredibly soft – it feels brushed, like flannel.  It’s still in good condition, and if I can part with it, it will be passed along to a friend’s kiddo soon.

So, on to the 2016 edition of the pullover parka.  The new one is made from the same cotton-linen chambray that has made a number of appearances here recently, with the hood lining and drawstring in a floral print from Heather Ross’ Tiger Lily collection.  I remembered the neck facing being a bit of an issue last time, but I somehow managed to get it on the first try this time (probably helped that I had the old one as an example).


My second project of the day was a pair of O + S Sunny Day Shorts.  Perhaps I was feeling nostalgic for the old hoody, but when I was rummaging in my scrap bin, I came across just enough of the red yarn-dyed linen and camera print to make a pair of shorts.  I sewed these up in a size 6, and used the pocket tutorial.  This is a great, basic (and free!) shorts pattern.



E has pretty much gone on strike from taking photos these days – I’m not sure what the 6-year old version of the terrible twos is called, but we’re in it.  So much attitude, and no cooperation – candy bribes aren’t working any more – she wants cash, ha!  My budget is limited (as is my patience for drama), so clothes are being taped to walls for photos:)

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