Haiku Hanami


Well, I seem to have fallen off the practical-summer-clothes wagon.  This dress is decidedly un-practical, but oh so pretty.  The pattern is Straight Grain’s Hanami dress, sewn with the invisible zipper and tulip ruffle sleeve options, in a size 5 with 6 length (plus a bit extra on the skirt for a deeper hem).  I justified sewing this because E’s school will be holding a special graduation ceremony for the kindergarteners and the grade 8’s, so of course she could use a new dress!


The fabric is from Monaluna’s Haiku collection, and I purchased it here.  It is cotton lawn, so I lined the dress with shot cotton, which luckily turned out to be the perfect colour:


I originally planned to go ruffle-less on this one, but in the end decided there would be a greater likelihood that E will wear it with ruffles.  I decided to try the tulip ruffle sleeve for a change, and really like how it turned out:


I committed one of the cardinal sins of sewing and attempted to install an invisible zipper late last night.  The pattern matched up well, but the top of the zipper didn’t come out very nicely (maybe it just shows up more because I couldn’t fine a light pink one and had to go with white).  There was also that unfortunate moment when I snipped the bottom of the zipper, and then the zipper pull came off and it took a tense couple of minutes to get the zipper re-assembled, while thoughts of having to rip apart the bodice raced through my head.  Fortunately, I did get the zipper pull back on and crisis was averted.  Perhaps this time I’ll remember that it’s best to save invisible zippers for the light of day.


We’ve had very rainy weather for the last couple of days, which always seems to happen when the peonies and irises are blooming.  I salvaged some droopy peonies from the rain to make a bouquet, and couldn’t resist including them in the pictures.  I just love this time of year – and having free reign to snip flowers at will in my mum’s beautiful garden so I can bring some of that beauty into the house!


2 thoughts on “Haiku Hanami

  1. Ooooh, gorgeous!!! I love this pattern, it’s so lovely and classic, and really lets a pretty fabric shine. Even the lining on this dress is pretty! NO INVISIBLE ZIPPERS AT NIGHT. That should be a rule. I should cross stitch that and put it on my sewing wall.

    • Thanks Inder! I hadn’t sewn the Hanami dress pattern for a while, and it was nice to revisit it with such lovely fabric. I hope that I have finally learned the invisible zipper rule once and for all!

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