Short-sleeved Playtime Dress



I still haven’t decided if this project was a good idea or not.  The pattern, the Oliver and S Playtime Dress, is great.  I really wanted to try it as a short-sleeved dress, but then got sidetracked by the fact that E really doesn’t need any more dresses made with woven fabric, since all she wants to wear are knits.  And then she looked through my fabric to pick something out, and of course loved this pink french terry, which is very soft but not so practical for a summer dress.



I could not bring myself to sew the entire dress out of it (the colour defies my camera lens, but I can safely tell you that it is very bright and saturated – a sort of shocking raspberry colour) and decided to go with the colour-blocking.  So, the result is a very cosy, short-sleeved dress.  Maybe it will be nice to put on after swimming in our glacial lake?  Or to wear on coolish evenings in the summer?  I could also see it being worn in colder months with a long-sleeved shirt underneath.


Making a short-sleeved knit version of the dress was very simple.  I just traced some curved facings off the pattern’s bodice pieces, without changing the length of the cap sleeve at all.  The button band was the trickiest part, but only because the multiple layers of french terry made it quite bulky at the bottom – I think it would work just fine with a lighter-weight knit.  I did add interfacing to neck facings and shoulder seams so the bodice would keep its shape.  E decided she didn’t want pockets, which made the project very fast to sew – I finished most of it in a 1-hour ipad binge (for the child, not me:)

I also sewed up some capri leggings and shorts, using the Go To Leggings pattern.  Not much to say about those – they are super quick to sew up, and get worn a lot.  Never again will I buy cheapo leggings with seams that come apart in the first week of wear!

2 thoughts on “Short-sleeved Playtime Dress

  1. It will layer very nicely, and could work for cooler summer days. I like the color blocking (and this is actually one of my favorite sewing patterns for little girls). I agree on store-bought leggings; why bother when it is so fast to sew them!

    • I think it’s going to end up being used mostly for layering. My daughter also thought it might be good for wearing in the evening on camping trips – specifically while roasting marshmallows. I guess we all need a good marshmallow dress:)

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