Hello again – it’s Playtime!

Well, that was a long time away from sewing and blogging, but I am finally back at my sewing machine.  After an extended, stressful search for a new house (just one piece of the complicated puzzle that was 2016), we are finally settled in our new place.  And… (drumroll)… I now have a sewing room of my very own!  Not the dining room table.  Not a corner of the bedroom.  A real room with a door that can be closed to hide my creative mess so as not to drive my husband crazy!


Having sent E to school a couple of weeks ago wearing a dress that I realized was much too short (when did she do all that growing?), I decided it was time to set up the sewing room and start making things again.  First up, another O&S Playtime Dress, this time in a size 6 with 7 length.  It’s still deep winter here, so a checked flannel version seemed like a good cozy option.  Little girl chose the mini pom-pom trim to liven things up a bit, and I added red topstitching around the neckline and pockets.  I think the topstitching is still my favourite part of sewing this pattern – the templates are just so satisfying:)


This pattern is still such a standby.  I’ve sewn it several times before here, here, and here.  I love how innocent and age-appropriate it is.  All of E’s Playtime dresses have gotten a ton of wear because they are so comfortable.  Definitely two thumbs up for this one!


My favourite room in our new house is a sun porch with windows on three sides of the room.  The light is so beautiful, and I’m looking forward to filling it with plants this spring and summer.  These pictures were taken in the sunroom – what you can’t see is the metre-long icicles hanging outside the window like giant, icy fangs!



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