Bunny slippers


As an only child, E is used to being the main benefactor of my sewing projects, so she couldn’t help noticing that I had recently made myself two pairs of slippers, but none for her.  Of course, it doesn’t take much arm-twisting to convince me to sew adorable little shoes, so I agreed to make her some surprise slippers.

I had enough scrap left from my embroidered Tie Back Boots that I was able to make her a pair of Wild Things Shoes.  While they aren’t exactly the same, they are complimentary, using mostly the same fabric and embroidery floss colours.  I also added a touch of the embroidered pink star motif that I had used on my slippers.


I made these with a wool sole, since E enjoys sliding around on the wood floors in our house, and now that she’s older (and we no longer live in a house with a treacherously steep and slippery wood staircase), non-slip soles don’t seem to be such a necessity.


For the mini pompom tail, I wrapped my yarn around a fork – the size is perfect!  I usually cut out a cardboard template for wrapping yarn for pompoms, but this was much easier.


E has now put in a request for a pair of narwhal slippers.  While the Wild Things Shoes come with a variety of animal options, narwhals are not included in the pattern.  I’ll have to think about that one and see what I can do…

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